Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Pedals The Bear

If somebody didn't videotape Pedals the Bear I never would have believed it. Pedals is a New Jersey black bear that is obviously injured or deformed on the front paws. So, he wants around on his hind feet like a human and does it quite well. Once in awhile he will go down on all fours to step down or up but then pops up on his hind legs. A man videotaped Pedals as he is known walking around a neighborhood from yard to yard. The bear actually notices him and looks at him from maybe 20 feet away but actually seems friendly. At first looking at the stills I thought it was a costume. But the video looks totally real!

The Derrick Rose era in Chicago is now over as he was traded to the New York Knicks. A lot of injuries derailed his MVP career and maybe a change of scenery was good for all involved.

As I was watching the news and the Democratic House sit in the news broke to former Congressman Dennis Hastert reporting to jail in a wheelchair with only his wife Jeanne accompanying him. It was tough to see someone you know reporting to jail. A mere 10 years ago he was second in line to the Presidency!

The Marquette University summer camp tournament was interrupted by lightning but eventually play resumed. Coco played well despite getting kicked hard in the back of the leg but his team ended up getting third place! A job well done and an excellent camp experience!!


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