Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday Rain

It rained a couple more times today but it was a nice day for the most part. We shouldn't complain considering that Florida looks like it could get hit pretty hard.

The Cubs won another game and continue their winning ways.

I saw the lineup for the Locust Street Festival this Sunday and it looks pretty good especially with RAS Movement playing. They are a fantastic reggae band.

Krissy and I took a walk around the neighborhood after dinner tonight and noticed 2 houses that have been torn down making room for new construction. A church school down the block has also been torn down. I just hope they don't get crazy. We noticed that by one of the houses a series of very old sheds or guest houses along with an ancient airstream. It makes me wonder what else I haven't seen in this neighborhood with obstructed views possible to other hidden gems.

Action in Jackson is Saturday so we'll be heading up there. A few short weeks ago we were there and it was snow flurries!


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