Monday, June 13, 2016

Kudos To Congressman Himes

Coco is all signed up for the Marquette University soccer camp and he's super excited. We'll be going out for shoes this week as he outgrew his old ones. It starts next Monday!

Congrats to Congressman Jim Himes from Connecticut as he walked out of the moment of silence for the Orlando victims as a symbol of protest because Congress refuses to do anything about assault rifles. The do nothing Congress has a 9% approval rating because they do NOTHING! Himes said this would be the 15th time Congress has a 10 second moment of silence and then keeps doing nothing. Kudos to Himes for showing some Moxy! I'm not sure why a domestic terrorist on an FBI watchlist is protected by the second amendment for an assault rifle and becomes more important than anybody else's right to live. It all comes down to lobbyists and money absent common sense. And why is buying body armor legal? It's used for only one thing. If you ever see your number taking delivery of body armor it might be time to go out the back door.

Be careful of a colored notecard that comes in the mail for Unclaimed Property Notification. It's a pure scam through and through as no state mails these cards to people.

Milwaukee is having an Orlando remembrance tonight at the south end of City Hall in the enclave. It's the same place they had one for France last year.

Trump has banned the Washington Post from attending his events because they write some bad things about him. Trump is like the kid who takes his ball and goes home because he's losing or doesn't like the rules. Except he never grew up and keeps doing it. I hated kids like that because they simply grow up to be like that as adults. Just like Trump!


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