Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Goodbye Riviera

I picked up John from the airport today and gave him a lift. He was away on a business trip and was staying in Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan when he was awoke by some loud noise. It turned out to be the controlled explosion of the Riviera Casino which was opened in 1955 and closed last year. It's a total show as they've took down many old casinos only to build new ones in their place. A piece of history gone in the name of progress I guess.

The Cubs beat the Nationals in the 9th inning with a hit from new rookie Albert Almora. I don't think the kid wants to go back to the minors!

Coco and I played soccer again today as he gets ready for the Marquette camp next week. He is getting better every week and he was already pretty good!


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