Friday, June 17, 2016

Lack Of Empathy

There's a county in Alabama that refused to fly their flag at half staff for the Orlando incident. The County Commissioner sounds like he's making a political statement. It's a shame that some people just can't be a decent human being once every blue moon.

Jake Arrieta won again today for the Cubs running his record to 11-1. Big Jake is almost unbeatable!

Uber is still officially outlawed in Key West I see despite most of the residents wanting the rideshare service. Uber tried there a year ago but the cops were arresting them right and left so they gave up for the time being. Cabs are expensive in that town. Seventeen bucks to go about 7 blocks as I recall they took me for!

Coco and I played soccer tonight as he had to break in the new shoes. Simply amazing and we did a lot of 2 ball drills. He starts the Marquette University camp on Monday and another one next Friday.

Stay safe!


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