Thursday, June 30, 2016

Happy Birthday Krissy

My Queen of Summerfest is having a birthday today! It's always during Summerfest but we might not go tonight depending if the rain comes or not. Either way, we're starting out at Barnacle Bud's and the Sangria Bar then see where the weather goes!

Last night we saw Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson. Kristofferson played with the late Merle Haggard's band and two of Haggard's sons are in it. They both sing rather well.

Willie Nelson is still playing strong at 83 years of age with his famous guitar Trigger. It actually has a good sized hole in it from his hand motion and it's jerry-rigged with a strap to hold the insides together. Willie just keeps doing it his way and the crowd loved it!

Kristofferson is one of the most interesting guys I've ever read about. He appeared in Sports Illustrated as a high school athlete then went to England as a Rhodes Scholar who took up boxing. Originally he wanted to be a novelist but joined the Army to satisfy his military family. He rose to the rank of Captain after 5 years and was a helicopter pilot. He left the service to become a songwriter and his parents never spoke to him again for the rest of his life.

He's won Grammy's and acting awards and is still touring despite turning 80 last week. He's still cut pretty well like a former boxer and the guy just seems so cool. On his gravestone he wants 3 lines from a famous poem basically saying he lived his life just trying to be free. You gotta love a guy like that!

Stay safe. It's off to Barnacle Bud's!


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