Saturday, July 2, 2016

Olivia de Haviland 100

It was a great day yesterday. First of all, it was screen legend Olivia de Haviland's 100th birthday. She has lived in Paris for almost half her life after retiring from major films. She's probably my all time favorite actress. I'm a huge old film buff and she appeared in Gone With The Wind, Robin Hood and my favorite Errol Flynn movie They Died With Their Boots On. Altogether, she appeared in 49 movies and her pairing with Errol Flynn was absolutely legendary. She's in great health for 100 years old and thanks for all the great films that will last forever!

On the way to Summerfest we stopped at Jack's Pub to catch the shuttle. We talked to a Brit on vacation named Dave. Such a great guy and we were a bit disappointed the shuttle left so quick because we certainly enjoyed talking to him about Brexit and American baseball which he knew quite a bit about. He was a Yankee's fan because of Hall of Famer Thurman Munson who visited England and who's brother coached there for 4 years. I quickly pointed him towards Thurman's Bar less than 100 yards away which is a tribute to the late Yankee. Dave travels every year in the States picking a different region. A man who truly knows how to live life. In his own words, "one can always drink through a time zone!" An absolute pleasure for Krissy and I to meet you my friend.

Onward to Summerfest with John and Angela to see Sammy Llanas formerly of the BoDeans. I got to catch up for a bit with my good friend Jamie Benz who moved to Orlando but was back for Summerfest with his goods. Great to see you again!

On a closing note, Elie Wiesel a Holocaust survivor and human rights activist passed away yesterday at 87 years of age. He lost his parents and his sister in the Holocaust and I imagine he thought about that everyday of his life. I can only hope he finally found a bit of peace.


Shrimp At Barnacle Bud's
At Summerfest With Krissy

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