Monday, July 11, 2016

Recovery Time

Summerfest is gone and it's just as well. I need the rest. I just can't keep going on like that! Friday, Saturday and Sunday night was a blast! We spent most of Sunday at the Tiki stage by the lagoon. Dan Rodriguez and Nora Collins will be on a big stage someday. Collins is impressive at such a young age and has already sold a song and made a video with a unique country voice!

On Friday we saw Elle King and she is outstanding. I bought her  CD. Yes, I still buy CD's!

For some reason we were on a burger kick at Summerfest. Except when we were eating tacos at Vagabonds.

On the way in they gave us tickets for next year's Summerfest which will be the 50th anniversary. I heard rumors of some stage shifting for next year.

Well, I have cross fit in the morning so I need to get some sleep. Plus Bastille Days starts Thursday!


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