Friday, July 8, 2016

McCartney In Town

We'll be at Summerfest shortly but no McCartney tickets for us. That's ok, I still can't get over how good that Hollywood Vampire show was on Tuesday. Tonight we'll see 5 Card Stud and others. Even better, it's John Wilson's Birthday!!!! Whoa!!!

I'll be getting down there a bit late tonight as Coco has soccer until 6pm.

Sadness in Dallas today. I've only been there once and had a terrific time with a bunch of great locals there!

The jobs report today was really good. So much panic from last month's report you would have thought the world was ending. Hardly anybody mentioned the good news today. People pick and choose the news they want to give us and most of it is negative.

Jumping in the shower. Be safe tonight my friends!


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