Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Bastille Days Milwaukee

Cathedral Square looks ready for Bastille Days starting tomorrow. The big race is tomorrow and Angela is running in it. It's one of my favorite festivals and we'll be there a couple of times for sure.

The Running of the Bulls is going on in Pamplona. One American gored already. I can't wait run this ultimate race someday!

It was 93 and very humid today. Ass dragging hot in fact!

The RNC convention starts Monday in Cleveland and a lot of people aren't too happy about the open carry laws there. The CIA and local police are bringing in extra staff because some organizations are getting the permits to protect themselves. Apparently some people think the second amendment only applies to white people.

The FBI has officially closed the 45 year old D.B. Cooper skyjacking case. Looks like old Dan Cooper can finally rest easy!


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