Monday, July 25, 2016

Tough Camping

The camping trip started out from the get go a bit tough. As I was loading up the Jeep the battery died. Luckily, John was around to give us a jump.

We left two hours late and that was actually in hindsight a good thing. We arrived at Mirror Lake around 6:30 pm and it was over 90 degrees with high humidity. After walking about 50 yards we were all soaked. Amy actually booked a hotel room for Friday night after setting up her tent.

Our fairly new pop up tent wouldn't stay set so we had to tied it off to a tree to work properly. It never cooled down much that night.

Saturday brought rain at 10am until about 8pm. It wasn't a light rain neither but we all stayed under a small party tent for the day. Coco and the other boys went bike riding and all wiped out on slick pavement. Coco looks like he was involved in a car crash actually and is lucky he didn't break anything!

The weather was hot on Sunday and we packed up and spent the day at Devil's Lake State Park Beach. Then we headed back to Milwaukee and arrived back at 7pm to even more humidity which I didn't think was possible. Unpacking was more misery.

At least the beer went down good!


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