Friday, July 15, 2016

Steal The Cheese

Every month the local news reports a semi-truck of cheese getting stolen overnight and sold on the black market. This is the Cheese Capital. I moved her 15 years ago and I ate more cheese in the first two years here than I ate in my entire life. The average grocery store has a cheese section with hundreds of cheeses. You eventually get used to it but it was the first thing I noticed upon moving here. Apparently, cheese theft is a profitable crime!

The Cubs beat the Rangers today to start the second half of the season off right!

Coco made a youtube video for the St. Marcus cross-fit camp. The kid is in awesome shape and I can't wait for soccer.

Big trouble in Turkey as a military coup is currently under way and martial law has been declared. It's about a 50/50 split on the democratically elected government in Turkey much as it is here. You either like your guy or you don't. Coco and I are watching it on tv. I told him to put down the IPAD when history is happening right before your eyes!

A cold 60's today which seems bitter in July. We'll be going back to Bastille Days tomorrow night and it's supposed to be much warmer.

Stay safe out there!


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