Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Here Comes The Heat

A heat wave is coming our way through the rest of the week. We'll be at Lake Mirror camping with our posse. I'll bring a lot of clothes in case I sweat through them all!

The Cubs lost a tough one run game tonight. They had the bases loaded in the final inning but couldn't score. A day game tomorrow.

Coco and I back at crossfit training this morning. We have two days left.

Tiger Woods won't play golf this season. Probably a wise decision to see if his back can fully recover before giving it another try!

Trump is officially the Republican nominee. Last night his wife borrowed a few paragraphs from Michelle Obama's speech a few years ago. It's obvious to anybody but yet there's a few people defending it as a mere coincidence. Or better yet, just a few phrases or key words. Well Mrs. Trump, I give you permission to use any of the words that I've used to describe your husband this  past year. You can immediately use ass-clown, idiot, fraud, piece of crap with feet or poor excuse for a human being at your convenience to describe your candidate! Carry on and you are welcome!!


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