Thursday, July 28, 2016

Mopey Weather

People don't seem too upset that we hung around 70 degrees under cloudy skies with occasional rain drops. It was so hot last week so a little reprieve was in order.

I read that the DNC convention has been a ratings success outdoing the RNC by about 15%. Trump seems a bit upset about this. More so than his complete lack of issues. What did he expect? All those stars he promised but couldn't deliver. Well, except the legendary Scott Baio but he isn't exactly Meryl Streep now is he.

The Cubs play the Sox in the final game of the Crosstown Classic. Chris Sale is pitching for the Sox but I'll give John Lackey a decent chance as he's overdue for a great pitched game.

My big project today was washing my top shelf t-shirts. I have the world's greatest t-shirt collection and these are about a dozen of the prime shirts. They get washed on a gentle cycle turned inside out then laid over an assortment of objects to dry. No hangers allowed!


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