Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Summerfest Is Open

Krissy and I are heading to the Fest to watch Willie Nelson tonight. It should be a diverse crowd as Selena Gomez will be playing on the next stage!

The Cubs won last night in 15 innings and came back today to win a noon game. What a team!

Steel production in the United States is at par with past high production eras. What most people don't seem to understand that it only takes 10% of that past era staff for the same output because of automation which is really the issue for a lot of industries.

The water has been shut off at the Cannon Building which is where the offices for Congress are located. It seems they have way to high of lead levels in the water. I'll bet any amount that this do nothing Congress will get off their fat asses to take care of this problem since they've been getting slowly poisoned!

Off to catch the Jack's shuttle!


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