Thursday, June 16, 2016

Constipated Congress

The green eggs and ham Senator often referred to as Ted Cruz recited the popular story last year during a filibuster in the Senate. He had the nerve to complain about yesterday's filibuster because, well because he's just the biggest asshole who's ever been in the Senate and that's saying a lot. He's truly a poor excuse for a human being and there's a reason he lost to Trump!

Coco and I had a nice afternoon getting an oil change then buying him some new soccer gear including shoes, socks and another ball to keep our drills moving steadily. We also grabbed my Dad a nice gift but I can't say what it is in case he reads this before Sunday.

Trump banned the Washington Post from his events but says he'd be willing to talk to the little puke nut job in North Korea. Somehow freedom of the press isn't in fashion in his world so maybe him and the little puke deserve each other in their fantasy world.

The Cubs called up the top catching prospect in all of baseball this year in Wilson Contreras. Yes, the good times just keep rolling this summer!

Krissy had each of us take a qualifying test online today to see if we would qualify to take paid liquor and beer survey's for a marketing company. If they don't think we're qualified living on the Eastside of Brew City then there is no justice in this world!


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