Wednesday, June 15, 2016

New Shoe Time

It's time for new soccer shoes for Coco. Camp starts Monday so we need a couple days to break them in. This could be an adventure tomorrow!

Oil is still under 50 bucks a gallon yet gas prices are still hovering over $2.50 and not budging down like they were. Pure manipulation!

Congrats to Senator Murphy on his filibuster in the Senate. Trying to get this Congress off their ass for anything is like trying to get a kid to flush the toilet. Nothing happens unless you stand over them!

We have a new keyboard and I must say I'm quite impressed with this Lenovo model. Joanne bought it for us at an estate sale. Thanks!

The Cubs beat the Nationals again in an extra inning ballgame. So far it's a memorable season. All 4 Cubs infielders are leading the All-Star game balloting. That would be something to watch. I haven't actually watched an All-Star game in years. I don't watch any of them really but this year I'm making an exception!


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