Friday, June 24, 2016

Thanks Ole Chap

Kudos to the people of the United Kingdom as we certainly enjoyed our markets taking it in the shorts because of our kind friends across the pond. What were you thinking? Scotland and Northern Ireland are now pulling out of the UK and you're probably giving yourself a self inflicted recession. Economies hate uncertainty and it will take two years to unwind from the EU. No CEO in their right mind will make investments in your country and the pound fell off a cliff. All your trade deals need to be re-worked and if you think the rest of Europe will be kind to you without hard feelings you are crazy. Cameron did the honorable thing and fell on his sword today and resigned!

It appears today was just a day of idiots. Sinead O'Connor once again has the Chicago Police Force looking for her because she threatened suicide for like the 20th time. It's the second month in a row she's done this in Chicago and why is she in Chicago anyway?

Our third idiot today is master scam artist Tony Robbins who hosts a seminar and has his seminar guests walk across a path of coals. Naturally five people had severe burns and went to the hospital. This happens at all his events and yet people still go. Who does he think he is, Trump!


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