Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Russian Sympathizer Or Just A Pervert

Just when you think things can't get crazier the latest Trump bombshell comes out. And it was leaked by the intelligence agencies apparently and to add a little intrigue England's MI6. That's right, the James Bond guys!

At this point they are nothing but allegations but there is an investigation and nobody on the Republican side is denying this. It involves his campaign aides meeting with the Russians for help in the election. But, the Russians take it one step further and maybe Trump is correct when he says Putin is smart.

That's because the investigation involves a sex tape from Trump's visit to the Ritz Carlton in Moscow in 2013 for a beauty pageant. Allegations say it involves a few hookers and a golden shower. My son just got back from Mexico and he's wondering what kind of shower is that. Nice! And this creep is going to be President next week. Apparently Russian spies bugged his room with cameras.

I listened to BBC and another foreign radio station tonight just to confirm my suspicions which were correct. As a country, at this moment, we are the biggest joke on the planet. A sad day indeed.


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