Thursday, January 5, 2017

Term Limit Time

For politicians the New Year is the same as last year. They can't get out of their own way. If their asses weren't attached I'm not sure they could find them. The very first thing they try to do is drastically reduce an ethics board so they can get away with more murder. The very very first thing they do!

Thankfully the people went on an uproar and the apparently weakest Speaker of the House in modern history pulled the bill.

It's back to the grind but a good New Year so far. The weather is in single digits but we're getting used to it. No snow though.

Football season for my Bears is over and we are drafting third. They better not blow this pick and they have seven rounds of top five picks.

It's winter recycling time which means the recycle guys stop by whenever and pick it up rather than us taking it to the curb. That might sound like a good idea except my recycle guy is totally inept. He bear hugs the recycle bin and walks down in front of it instead of getting behind it and tipping it back on the wheels. It's much easier that way and it wouldn't tear up my wooden steps.

Going to work on my book now. I'm so close to having the final write finished. Definitely a longer process than I bargained for!


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