Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Goodbye Jorge

The Cubs traded Jorge Soler to the Royals today for a premium closer in Wade Davis. It was a winning trade for both teams. We needed a closer and had an extra young outfielder to deal. He will be a very good power hitter.

We're in the 20's today and it looks like more cold coming our way for a good week or so. Mango doesn't seem to mind the cold at all. I thought we might have to buy her a little coat but so far so good and she loves the snow.

Krissy bought her an indestructible Kong today. It lasted just a few minutes with Mango. It has a 30 day guarantee with it. Guess what's going back for a full refund? This dog can chew.

My new desk looks perfect for my book endeavor. I'm heading to it now to do a little book writing.


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