Sunday, December 11, 2016

Tom Petty Is Coming

I was correct in my prediction back in July that Tom Petty would be coming to Summerfest 2017. He's playing two shows on July 5th and 6th as part of his 40th anniversary tour!

Happy Birthday to Kirk Douglas on his 100th birthday! He's had some career and he's given away millions over the years to wonderful causes.

John Glenn passed away a 95 this week. He was the first man to orbit the earth in basically a tin can. No one could ever question this man's courage ever!

A tough week for astronauts as Buzz Aldrin became sick at the South Pole and had to be evacuated out for hospital care due to altitude sickness I heard. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery.

A man in Wisconsin just announced that he ate his 29,000 Big Mac. First, why would you count something as idiotic as this? Secondly, why would anybody admit they eat that?

The snowy weekend finally looks like it's letting up. It looks like we received around 8-9 inches of snow and the roads are just a mess.

Congrats to Mick Jagger on the birth of his 8th child. Yep, at 73 he's still going strong in more ways than one!


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