Saturday, December 31, 2016

NYE 2016

Krissy and I are getting ready to go to John and Angela's for a pre-party then off to the Knick with a group of people for dinner and 5 Card Stud our favorite band. Be careful out there tonight! Watch out for amateurs!!

My Dad and Dee made it to Tuscon safely. Even with enough time for their potluck dinner with friends. I'm sure it's warmer there.

Forgot to mention that I received a prized W Cubs flag. It's three by five. Now we're looking for flag poles. We're going to run the flag up when it's cocktail hour in the summer. I'm getting a Key West flag also for it.

Lately I've been listening to Old Time Radio Classics on Sirius channel 148. It's really good and I can see how people had to use their imaginations back then. No video games to do it for you!

I've made 15 New Year resolutions. I seldom make any but I'm determined to have a great 2017 despite the Putin loving incoming President!

I recently watched Fox News regarding gas prices going up 50 cents recently. A commentator told us that expect at least another 40 cent rise next year but it's good for consumers and oil companies but when prices reach that range. I was born on a day but not yesterday sir. Let's make it a 16th resolution. Not to watch your bullshit station ever again!


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