Monday, December 5, 2016

Santa Claus Ride

Every you went Saturday you would see someone dressed as Santa riding through the streets of Milwaukee. It's an excellent pub crawl that amuses the heck out of me. They ride fast and there must be a couple thousand of them as they are everywhere.

OPEC is cutting down on production thus oil and gas prices will be going up. How much is still to be determined but it's just in time for the holiday season.

Alec Baldwin does a Trump impersonation on SNL and Trump the thin skinned man keeps bashing them on Twitter along with the Chinese. Baldwin says he will stop the impersonation which is hysterical if Trump simply shows his tax returns. Fat chance, we'll never see them!

Congrats to Terry Boers who is retiring after 25 years at the SCORE radio station. He's the last of the original crew which made sports radio an all day event.

A man in New York took a bucket of gold shavings off a back of a truck when the driver wasn't looking. Eighty six pounds of gold is a lot of greenbacks. I must be old school. I'm rooting for the crook because somebody who leaves millions on a back of a truck unattended deserves to be robbed jut for being an idiot!


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