Saturday, November 12, 2016

Back From The Ledge

What can I say? Nobody expected the Election results from Tuesday night, not even Trump who expected to lose. Clinton did win the popular vote which really isn't a consolation prize and there is no second prize. I watched Trump at the White House. He looked scared to death. He never really wanted this job nor is prepared to do it. He better learn quick but I have no confidence in the man. Obama is handing him a much better off country than Bush handed Obama. He has a GOP fully controlled Congress so there are no excuses. Put up or shut up time.

I was clearly angry and upset the last few days but was reminded by a conversation I had with a horse racing buddy of mine who was an attorney that I worked with. The owners of the company weren't paying their bills and later went out of business and one to jail. My buddy told me to do my job and do it well and not worry about them because that's life sometimes. Garrison Keiler wrote a similar article this week. He basically said all Democrats should go out and really really enjoy their lives as we have absolutely no power at the present time. If Trump screws up things will take care of themselves.

So, I'm going on with my life and focusing on my writing projects and making plans for a fantastic 2017 with Krissy and Coco. I quit watching all the political shows already which is a huge start for me.

Coco has been sick all week and missed soccer last night. It's the first time in a long time that he's been this sick.

Tonight is a happy hour at the new Mangoes Cafe East then down to Harry's on Brady to watch Five Card Stud.

This afternoon we are breaking down the yard. The bamboo is coming off the fences, yard lights off the trees and tarps over all the lawn furniture. We are in the midst of the warmest November ever but we had our first frost last night. I can't wait until next summer. It's going to be the best one yet!


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