Sunday, November 20, 2016

NCC Clinches 17th Title

Congrats to North Central College for winning their 17th NCAA Men's Cross Country Championship title. We won two when I ran there and I'm immensely proud of my time in the program.

The Bears lost another game today dropping their record to 2-8. Maybe they are worse than I thought but someone is going to face the chopping block very soon.

We have a 12 pound turkey defrosting in the fridge. It's strictly for sandwiches come Friday.

We ate hogfish in Key West and it's a tasty big fish. Apparently everybody likes them because they've been over-fished and new catch limits will be coming shortly.

Burt Reynolds is in Key West this weekend for a lifetime achievement award. This man dominated the box office in the 1970's like very few ever have. Congrats Bandit!


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