Thursday, November 17, 2016

Kris Bryant MVP

Kris Bryant became the 10th Chicago Cub NL MVP today. Last year he was Rookie of the Year and before that he was the College Player of the Year. he's only 24 so he has quite a career ahead of him!

Christmas music on the radio already. One station is playing it 24/7 in Milwaukee despite hitting 71 degrees today. No wonder I'm burned out on Christmas every year around December 1st.

The Christmas tree lighting at City Hall was tonight. Thousands of people come to the city to see them light the giant tree. It's almost 6 weeks away, what's the hurry?

I opened the door to let the dog out and the possum is back. He was in the same spot I saw him before by the deck. I hope he's not living under the deck.

A man dissolved to death in the hot springs at Yellowstone National Park where tourists do stupid stuff every day. I saw a man with a long stick open his mobile home door to feed a hungry grizzly bear when I was there. I also saw the boiling hot springs there. I was ten years old and old enough to know they were crazy hot. This man bent over to feel the water and slipped in. By the time rescuers came to the scene his body actually dissolved in the hot acidic water. Like I said, I could tell they were hot when I was ten years old!!!


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