Wednesday, November 16, 2016

It's Mowing Season

I can't believe how many people were outside mowing today. It doesn't hit the 50's and stay very long in November but this has been a heat wave beyond recognition.

The downside is that it gets dark so stinking early. That's probably the reason why I've seen so many people driving without headlights this week.

Melvin Laird the former Secretary of Defense under President Nixon passed away today. Many a young men should be grateful for this man. He's basically the reason the military draft was done away with at the tail end of the Vietnam War.

It's going to cost taxpayers a bundle to guard Trump in Manhattan. It seems like the White House isn't good enough for the arrogant one so he wants to stay in Trump Tower most of the time.

Congrats to Kelsey Grammer on his 7th child. Not bad for a 61 year old guy!


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