Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Predictions

It's almost a 60 degree Election Day in Milwaukee and lines were long already this morning. I waited for 40 minutes and had to take off to get Coco to school in time so I'm heading back in a few. Krissy managed to squeak in because the second half of the alphabet moved faster in their line. Go figure.

I'm getting sick of Donny Jr. This guy makes his old man look like a minor league con man. First he tweets about a fake assassination attempt on his father then this morning he was telling the morning shows that people whisper "good job" in his ear when he's at places like gas stations filling up. Yes, how much is gas in Manhattan Donny? I'm sure you drive yourself and fill up often right downtown. Speaking of gas, we are under 2 bucks a gallon in Wisconsin. Ole Donny predicted 6 dollar gas when Obama took over!

Anyways, here are my predictions for tonight. Clinton gets 352 electoral college votes and Trump gets 186. The Senate will be 53 Democrats and they also pick up 33 House seats!

These numbers might appear high to some people but I still have faith in people and in SANITY!!!

Go Vote!


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