Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Big Bad Wolf

I was listening to a hunting talk show for a while today. People were discussing why the deer hunting permits were down and less deer were being killed during this season. It's down about 10% and people seemed to be in an uproar although I imagine the deer our grateful. A lot of people are blaming the DNR because the wolf population is getting a bit high for comfort. It's too dangerous for the hunter's to be out there. Really? The wussification of America keeps going on and on and on. Dear hunters, you have guns and the animals don't. If a wolf gets too close to you simply shoot it like a mass shooter in a movie theater. Please stop the whining.

Barrow, Alaska will have no sun for about two months until January. It seems like they are really up there in Alaska. Like Russian Vodka up there!

The recount has started in certain states and Trump is all in an uproar about it. He says the recount is a scam. He also says that due to voter fraud he has million more votes that weren't counted. Umm, wouldn't you want a recount then if you actually believed that.

I've tried to avoid the news and Trump. Yet, he can't stop the twitter so I have to hear of his nonsense. Now he believes that flag burners should be locked up for a year and stripped of their citizenship. Did this guy even attend his 8th grade civics class? It's been decided by the Supreme Court that he can't do that due to a certain thing called the First Amendment. Only 4 more years of this asshole and that is my first amendment right you fricking lunatic!


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