Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Lemonade Day

The morning started out so good and promising. Then things went to crap but I won't delve into details. I've always been amazed as to reasons why things happen or why people do things to make themselves more important than another. I've always tried to rise above the small minded and I've done it quite well. When life gives you lemons it's time to make lemonade. I'll do it again this time also.

We woke up to a few inches of lake effect snow this morning. The afternoon sun melted it away quite good.

Coco back in town after a few days in the Dells. Bruises and cuts all over the place from the waterpark. Gotta love the spirit.

It's Paul Newman night on TMC. Absence of Malice was a brilliant movie in 1981 and an even more brilliant movie in these times of media madness!

Even better is the Verdict released in 1982. Newman plays a wretched soul of an attorney. He's so unlikeable in this movie but comes thru at the end as only Newman could do it. They don't make them like that anymore. Be well.


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