Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Not My Mummy

Scientists found a mummy in a 1000 year old Buddha statue. They always suspected one was in there but x-rays confirmed it. It was a self mummification job. Apparently the monks were encased in a statue with a tube for breathing and some tea plus a bell. They would ring the bell every once in a while to show they were still alive. When the bell stopped they were put in storage for 3 years. If the body decomposed they didn't make the high road in the monk world and the ones that didn't were highly celebrated. Makes me glad that my application to Monk school wasn't accepted after all!

The Bulls knocked the snot out of the Bucks last night despite not playing very well. There's about 27 games or so for them to get it together for the playoffs.

It warmed up to about 30 today. It felt like 70 compared to the recent wind chills.

I've gotta run. I need to make 2 deserts for an event tomorrow. Have a good hump day tomorrow!


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