Friday, February 20, 2015

Pitchers & Catchers Report

Spring training is finally here. The Cubs are contenders and the Brewers are trying to forget last year's epic collapse where it looked like the playoffs were no problem. We hit a high of 14 today when it's normally in the 35 degree area. John and Angela picked a smart time for a long weekend in Los Angeles. A pure genius is Wilson!

Butch's Steakhouse for a huge steak tonight. The bigger the better as I'm starving. It's happy hour at home as I'm typing. Nothing like a coffee and a sea salt Bailey's on a frigid damp night.

Apple is making an effort to get into the electric car market by 2020. They wanna compete with the oil loving Texans apparently. For my money, I'll follow the likes of Apple, Google and Tesla before some old school Texans. No offense Texas but you gave us Bush and Perry with no apologies so you aren't getting one from me!

Be careful who you cuss out in public. I'm talking mainly to myself as I'm not afraid to give someone a piece of my mind just like my grandpa. A guy in England was cussed out on a train. A few hours later he was interviewing the very same man. It's a small world my friends, smaller than we might like!


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