Friday, February 27, 2015

Live Long And Prosper

Spock died today. 79 episodes, 3 seasons and 5 decades ago Star Trek aired. Leonard Nimoy is gone at the age of 83. He wasn't merely a legend but a legacy. Famous for the ages. Maybe it was the handshake or maybe it was because he was a helluva nice guy who treated every single fan as a family member. Sure, he did other acting roles and appeared on Columbo but this guy was a living legend who had time for the people who made him famous. He brought us the first Bigfoot sightings in the 70's. He was ahead of his time before Animal Planet. Peace and Prosperity, Mr. Nimoy you were light years ahead of your time. Thank you.

A big welcome to Brazil for looking at my blog. I promise to make it to Carnival someday!

Jenny is moving tomorrow. She will be closer to us so we shall brave the cold and move her without any complaining in this frigid cold. I on the other hand will bitch a little bit so deal with it!


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