Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Thorny Rose

Yes, it's a tough day for Chicago sports fans. First, Derrick Rose needs another knee surgery. Then, a few hours later it's reported that Blackhawk great Patrick Kane is out for 6-10 weeks on a gray area cheap shot.

Rose could be back for the playoffs. Kane will miss the start of the NHL playoffs. Tough breaks but that's sports. Don't count either one totally out there. They are both hall of fame caliber players with some special magic.

I see that Danica Patrick seems to continue being in a lot of race car spin outs and accidents. It never seems to be here fault though.

I've watched Parks and Recreation a few times with Krissy. I've never been impressed. We watched the shows finale last night and I'm surprised it didn't happen after the pilot episode.

The Department of Homeland Security might technically be shut down this week as Congress stands by and literally does nothing. The worst Congress this country has ever had from top to bottom. A totally worthless lot of idiots!


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