Tuesday, February 17, 2015

King Cake Time

I was just talking about Mardi Gras and I'm thinking about ordering a King Cake. I used to work at a place in the late 90's that used to get 5-6 a day. Mostly from the Rondozza bakery which we found to be the absolute best. Most people only ate a small or piece or two. A lot of people thought they were too sweet and didn't eat any. My co-worker Jack and I would get to work early and scope out the freshest ones for breakfast. We'd even hide the good ones in filing cabinets. We ate them for lunch also instead of going out. Then we'd take some home. That's how much we loved our King Cakes!

St. Marcus played their final basketball game tonight and won by about 30 points. The other team was much bigger but they couldn't be stopped yet again.

I'm at the three quarter mark of my book and it's coming together nicely. I'll miss my goal this weekend of finishing the first draft but that's okay. I'm close enough that I'm looking another two weeks out.

Boston is coming to the Wisconsin State Fair on August 6th. It's featuring founding member and hit song writer Tom Scholz. That might be a go!


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