Saturday, February 14, 2015

It's V Day

Probably the only day of the year where the florist has a line going out the door at 9:30a.m and I was one of them! It's cold and blustery reaching a high of ten degrees and forty mile per hour winds. Our big dilemma is if we cab it to the restaurant tonight. It's a short three blocks but we might need a stiff drink before hand to brave the cold. King Solomon is playing at Up and Under tonight which is around the block so we might end up there after dinner.

Coco and I played Stratego this morning. I kept my undefeated streak alive but he beat me in Chess pretty bad.

Other than trying to stay warm it's been an uneventful lazy day. Jenny stopped by to visit and I've got about an hour to write and fix a cocktail to brave the elements. Enjoy time with your loved ones tonight!


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