Friday, February 13, 2015

Mac Is Back

What a show last night! Downtown was absolutely nuts like I haven't seen on a non-holiday in years. We arrived downtown fairly early to eat but could barely make it inside quite a few establishments. We settled for drinks at Ugly's and they ended up opening their rooftop bar and turned on the heaters with some plastic keeping the wind out.

The 24 song set was outstanding. It's amazing how often Stevie Nicks is a backup singer on so many songs. People tend to forget that Fleetwood Mac had 5 huge hits at with Christine McVee singing lead vocals. The band's biggest problem was probably too many song writers. McVee is a good singer but she wasn't real powerful last night. It was their 54th show in slightly less than 6 months.

Stevie Nicks hasn't lost a thing. The highlight of the show was 'Gypsy' as she was center stage letting it loose. She was great all night as was Lindsay Buckingham. The drum and bass line was really loud for the first two songs. We were dead center up from the drums and my pant legs were actually vibrating as I sat there.

We actually ate after the show. Some awesome wings at Who's on Third and cheese curds. It was a late thursday night/ friday morning but so worth it!


no caption needed

Cocktails pre concert at Uglys rooftop bar

Krissy and I at Fleetwood mac

Treat your valentine to a heart shaped ribeye 

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