Sunday, February 15, 2015

We Butcher It

Dinner last night at Bosley's was great. Krissy had the brown sugar salmon and I had the blackened grouper. Our waiter was very nice but fairly inexperienced I think. He told me they get the grouper in fresh everyday then they "butcher it." I had a hard time not laughing but it was excellent.

Tesla is working on a new battery storage system for homes. It could be a big game changer. Elon Musk could be the next Edison by the time he is done. He has a big vision with no limits.

It was a 117 years ago today that the Maine battleship blew up in Havana. The Key West cemetery is the main burial plot for those that died in the explosion. I've visited the cemetery a couple times and always stop to gaze at the memorial statue. There's been some scientific speculation in the past few years that perhaps it was an accidental explosion and not an attack after all.

We're in a middle of another cold weather blast that won't give us a break until next weekend. The Ford wouldn't start this morning when the windchill was minus 6. Finally got it started when it hit a balmy 12 degrees. Then we went grocery shopping and caught a few inches of lake effect snow. We're not leaving the house anymore today. Stay warm!


Dinner with my Valentine

Dog playing pool at the Roman Coin

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