Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Babee It's Cold Outside

Yowzer, it was 2 degrees when I picked up Coco tonight. It was so cold even the construction workers on the 615 E Michigan Avenue project took off early. Although I did see one worker walking around without gloves.

It didn't take long as predicted the Florida Keys are trying to get a ferry service to Cuba going before the end of the year. Conan O'Brien is down there right now filming his late night show. This is just the start. I had always planned on being an outlaw and going there sometime from Mexico but it looks like there won't be a need for that.

I'm making barbeque chicken quarters as I write. It's sure smelling good.

I see where some people are surprised that Rolls Royce is making an SUV. It's like they are going down in class or something. I'm not surprised. When I was in Australia in 1988 they had Rolls Royce garbage trucks in Sydney. Now that's a class drop!


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