Monday, January 4, 2016

Beth What Can I Do

Yep, it's back to an ordinary daily and weekly grind for most people. The weather stays above normal temps and the ice buildup is still a mess in Milwaukee. Heckuva job there Brownie!

NFL football playoffs this week and every game looks like it will be close as they march towards the Super Bowl.

Coco called me today from his cruise ship. He had a stomach virus that passed and wanted to see if we were ill which we were not. Sounds like he picked up some 24 hour bug.

The stock market dropped quite a bit today on China concerns. I'm always a bit leery of the market when it struggles coming out of the gate. I still have to review last years predictions when I get a bit more time.

No plans yet for this weekend. Probably laying low until we head off for Arizona and L.A later this month. Somehow we have tickets for the taping of the Mike and Molly finale with John and Angela.

VW has been having it's problems lately but they had a great commercial today featuring the song Beth from Kiss. I'm surprised they didn't save ti for the Super Bowl but maybe they needed a punch in the arm real fast.


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