Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Indian Burial Mounds

Another above normal day temperature wise in Milwaukee and it's going to be near 40 degrees tomorrow and the rest of the week. Hopefully some of this ice will melt.

I was watching Donald Trump's campaign manager on CNN. If Trump was really serious at the start about being President he would have hired some better front people. Every spokesperson that appears on his behalf is like a rabid dog. It's okay to be calm and likeable instead of an angry white person for crying out loud.

A Key West man was riding his motorcycle at 1:30am on a runway at the Key West International Airport and ran into a parked plane. He was only cited for careless driving. How come I get nearly strip searched but this clown can ride a motorcycle on a runway???

I almost feel sorry for the Ho Chunk Nation. Almost I say. The Wisconsin legislature headed by two Republicans are trying to make it legal to build on the numerous ancient burial mounds which 90 percent still have human remains. Apparently nothing is sacred to this disgusting legislature. The Governor will certainly sign it as he always sells out to the highest bidder and in this case it's many building and commerce associations.

The Ho Chunk Nation has donated millions of dollars to the Governor to keep competition away from their casino business and it has worked brilliantly. The Seminole's offered to build a new Bucks Stadium in conjunction with the Hard Rock for a new casino but were turned down. Now, the taxpayers are footing about 400 million because we just love corporate welfare in Wisconsin.

The Ho Chunk Nation made their bed and were just outbid this time by a deeper pocket white man. Don't worry though. You will still be able to visit your ancestors. You'll just have to shop at a strip mall to do it sadly.


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