Monday, January 18, 2016

Take It Easy Glenn Frey

It was a cold day with windchill below zero and that's not the bad news. Glenn Frey passed away and I can't believe it. I grew up on the Eagles music and Glenn was the founder of the band from Detroit who we saw on the recent tour. I was able to see them 3 times in concert and all of them were great. They really owned the 70's and they were legendary musicians with 6 Grammy's. The Eagles won't go onstage again that much I'm sure. Don Henley, Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmidt knows that it just wouldn't be the same. Truly a legend Glenn and thanks for putting together a Hall of Fame band!

John Back the defensive mastermind assistant coach for the Chicago Bulls during the Jordan championship years passed away at the age of 91. The players loved him and the the basketball world loses a great one.

Gas is down to a 1.65 a gallon. Obama gets blamed if it goes up and no credit when it goes down. Being a President just must suck.

Jim came over and installed the new microwave for us. Thanks Jim. It was quite a project with venting needed and holes being cut into the wall.

Krissy, Jim and Joanne and I ate lunch at the Garage. Great food but the place was 40 degrees. Something wrong with the heat.

Still upset about Glenn Frey. Damn, what a bad day!


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