Friday, January 15, 2016

The Jar Of Change

So I cashed in my jar of change today fairly confident that it was around 300 bucks. I had a much smaller jar that was worth 200 bucks a couple years ago. Mostly quarters as I recall. This jar gave me a whopping 137.50 so apparently the nickels don't really add up and somebody lied to me. Oh well.

A lady has made 800 bucks in a day on her go fund me page. Apparently, she spent all her money on Powerball expecting to win and now she has no money. I'm not sure what is worse. That she spent all her money on Powerball or people are actually giving this idiot their money.

Ebola has been eradicated in Western Africa with no new outbreaks. Apparently the doctors in the World Health Organization actually know what are doing. Some many people were convinced that everybody over here would get it. Fear mongers must make an awful lot of people hermits these days!


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