Sunday, January 3, 2016

Regular NFL Season Finale

The Bears lost their finale but at least it was an entertaining game and once again hope is alive for next season. It looks like this coaching staff at least has a clue.

Coco is on his Disney cruise and boarded the ship already. He's basking in the warm sunshine and Krissy and I plundered out in the 27 degree weather to go grocery shopping. Something seems wrong there.

It appears that Christopher Waltz who starred as Blofeld in Spectre the latest James Bond movie will appear in two more of the films. He is a two time Oscar winner. The only caveat is that Daniel Craig must return which I've said from the beginning of the rumors is that he would return for at least one more. Filming a Bond movie is no easy task especially when he does many of the stunts himself. He was a little edgy after his 4th movie but I'm convinced he will come back for at least one more to be the best Bond of all time!

Tomorrow is Black Monday. Probably around 7 NFL coaches will be fired as the playoff teams make their quest for the Super Bowl!


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