Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sting Is Coming

I heard the rumors a couple of weeks ago but it's official. Sting will be playing Summerfest on July 10th with Peter Gabriel. I've seen both of them before and Sting around 10 times, solo and with the Police twice. Also at a benefit with Don Henley. Finally a show that I can get excited about!

Coco showed me how the new microwave last night. At this rate the kid can never move out or I will be lost on any new appliance or gadget that I get.

What a shame for the people in Flint, Michigan that the state government chose to poison them intentionally with terrible water. Simply listening to environmental experts could have avoided this whole mess.

 Sarah Palin just endorsed Donald Trump for President today. Tina Fey is going to have a filed day with this. Her rambling speech was incoherent at best. Such a joke! Why do I have a feeling that this long national nightmare is just starting???


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