Sunday, August 7, 2016

53rd Place In Brazil

It's been a rough start to my Olympic pool as I'm in 53rd place out of 59. It's okay though. I will make up a lot of ground with my Track strategy. Every person gets 300 points to spend on a country and you get 3 points for a gold medal, 2 points for the silver medal and 1 point for a bronze medal. I chose the USA which took up most of my points plus Cuba, Jamaica and Kenya. I'll make a killing in Track and boxing. The early leaders are cleaning up in gymnastics right now. We'll see which strategy works!

Coco caught a fish up North. He texted me that it was a small mouth bass.

The Packers play tonight in the Hall of Fame preseason game. Only fitting since Bret Favre was inducted yesterday. He certainly played the game the right way!

Krissy and I read some works, I worked on my writing and then to the grocery store. Next up is chicken and corn. A lazy Sunday indeed!


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