Monday, August 8, 2016

Pacing Myself

I'm in 56th place in my Olympic pool. No worries. Track and boxing will bring me up quickly. I have Cuba, Jamaica and Kenya to score a lot of points for me. Everyone who picked gymnastic countries are leading at the moment. Interesting strategies were played and it will be interesting to see how it prevails.

We grilled out today. Chicken and steak slow heated on a low heat fire. Fantastic!

I met a nice couple from Ohio today in town for a conference. Certainly not Trump fans neither!

Every time I see Trump read off a teleprompter it's like he's reading a hostage statement with someone holding a gun on him. Now wonder he just wings it most of the time. He's terrible with a set speech!

Fifty Republicans from various security positions endorsed Clinton over Trump today. I hear a fat lady singing warming up her voice somewhere today!


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