Thursday, August 18, 2016

Oh Rudy

I've given Rudy Giuliani a free pass all week because he seems like a tired grumpy old man going senile. But for the third time this week he's been reinventing facts and I just can't take it. He's a buddy of Trump and this is his last grasp at power so I get it but he's being ridiculous. He keeps saying we had no terrorist attacks before Obama from radical Islamists. The 9/11 attacks were just that Rudy. It happened on your guys watch and you were actually Mayor of New York at the time remember. So cut the crap and quit insulting everybody's intelligence because you just look like a fool!

Coco and I did a nice soccer practice in the humidity then watched the Olympics. Bolt gets another gold medal in the 200 meters. He's incredible.

The Cubs won again today sweeping the Brewers in a 4 game series.

Happy 80th to Robert Redford. One of the all time great actors!


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