Monday, August 15, 2016

Fyush Finkel

Famed character actor Fyush Finkel passed away at the age of 93. To many people that name doesn't ring a bell. Google him and you will recognize him instantly. One of the most memorable faces ever and he will be missed!

For two days in a row I ran into a group of Arizona woman. They came for a ballgame then hit the town right. A real fun bunch and they've been to my favorite bar in Scottsdale called the Rusty Spur!

A 21 year old kid from Ohio won the bronze medal in the 800 meters at the Olympics today. A wonderful race with a fast time!

We've spent a lot of hours trying to find the perfect party bus for the Buffett concert Labor Day weekend. It's been a fairly hard task and no bars seem to be participating this year. Maybe because of the holiday weekend I guess but it's certainly been time consuming.

Still dog shopping. I have my eye on one but I won't jinx it and go into detail just yet.

I'm in the top 50 now in my Olympic pool just 35 points behind the leader. Track is moving me up quick but Cuba should help me in the boxing and wrestling events.

Some blowhard pundit is on the news telling us what we have to do to fix the ongoing tension in Milwaukee. Of course, the guy has never been here. Never talked to anybody from here. Doesn't really have his facts straight at all but he has all the answers. And no, this guy isn't Trump as he actually strung a couple of sentences together without calling someone a name!


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